The price is for a Table & 6 Chairs.
What comes to your mind when someone asks you to imagine a dining set with a high backseat?
Or, that the whole dining set in a copper silver finish?
Grandeur, Royal, Isn’t it?
No longer are these things for palaces and royals. Today, this magnanimousness can be in your home too.
A 6-seater Kim dining set that will complete your dining room.
Key Features:
The dining set comes with a set of 6 button tufted chairs.
The chairs are cushioned and have a copper-silver finish.
One of the unique things about the chairs is their backrests – high, cushiony, and extremely comfortable to sit on.
The dining table top is made of glass, supported by a high-quality wooden structure.
There are barely any intricacies, yet the dining set doesn’t cease to ooze a sense of royalty.
Item Description Length Width Height
Table 84 42 30
Chair 84 42 30
Server 84 42 30
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